The Benefits of Parker Boiler’s Indirect Fired Hot Water Heaters

Most of us are used to the type of hot water heaters we have in our homes; some sort of cylinder-shaped metal thing that sits in a utility room or a garage.  It’s filled with water, and the heating mechanism stays on until the water reaches the set temperature.  As the water heats, it goes to the top of the tank where there is a pipe for the water to exit when you turn the hot water faucet on.

With an Indirect Fired Hot Water Heater, the water is heated by passing through a copper tube heat transfer coil that is inside a storage tank.  The heating coil is heated by either a furnace or boiler, and once the water hits the set temperature, it heads to the water storage tank.  Even though indirect water heaters require a storage tank, we think they are an excellent choice because of their efficiency.  
Below is a more detailed list of reasons why we like indirect fired water heaters.

  • Efficient – Indirect Fired Water Heaters typically draw their energy from a boiler or furnace and do not need a separate heat source.  During colder months, the boiler or furnace is already turned on and that means your hot water is provided by an already operating heat source.  In addition, the energy stored by the water tank causes the boiler or furnace to have to turn on and off less often, which also saves on the energy bill.  Finally, Parker Boiler’s Indirect Fired Water Heaters are made with two thicknesses of heavy steel and insulated on all sides to reduce energy loss.
  • Reliable – Because of the way indirect fired water heaters are constructed, the water does not encounter the direct flame which eliminates condensation causing corrosion to the heater.  Plus, the design offers a constant heating temperature to the heat exchanger which is available in copper or stainless.
  • Safe – Parker Boiler is widely known for safety, and their Indirect Fired Water Heater is no exception.  The tube bundle is extremely flexible and offers a long life with a 25-year warranty against thermal shock.  As with all their products, this boiler is built in accordance with the ASME Power & Heating Boiler Codes.  

If you’re unhappy with your water heater, contact Gulf Steam, and we can recommend an efficient Indirect Fired Water Heater.