Installing a Skid Mount Boiler in Your Brewery

Skid mounting is a method where the machinery, at the point of manufacture, is permanently mounted on a frame or a metal pallet.  The pallet of equipment is then transported to its destination where it is installed and used as a complete unit.

There are several advantages to installing a skid mounted unit in your facility.

  1. The unit is built in the fabricator’s shop, in a controlled environment, mounted onto skids, and moved to your location completed and ready for installation.
  2. Everything you need is already mounted to the skid, the boiler, blow down, return tank and pump, water softener, and chemical feed tank and pump.
  3. All material is at least code, if not higher, and fitted onto the skid for space savings and efficient functionality.
  4. The piping is threaded schedule 80 on both the supply and blow down side, which is consistent throughout.  Plus, all pumps are secured by U-struct to the skid.
  5. Steam out, water in, and blow down connections are labeled for easy connection.

To learn more about installing skid mounted boilers in your brewery, contact Gulf Steam or call us at 855-497-4913.