Parker Boiler’s New Boiler

Parker Boiler, known for their safety and reliability, has just upped their game by developing an even better boiler.  In fact, it’s so new that we don’t even have a photo or brochure to share with you.  This boiler offers all advantages as every other Parker Boiler:

  • Safety – and their standard 25-year warranty against thermal shock
  • Large Heating Surface – to reduce the chances of scaling
  • Efficiency – thanks to their large heating surface, sealed combustion, variable speed blower, and heavily insulated cabinet
  • Ease of Use – due to simple internal accessibility

The most exciting thing about this new boiler is that it will easily pass through a 35” door.  Now Parker Boiler has thought of everything!  “In addition,” shares Kevin Lawson, “the 5:1 turn down of these boilers is going to be great for small steam system operations desiring efficiency and constant stable pressure.”

Gulf Steam Company is thrilled to share this new piece of equipment with you.  As we learn more about release date and specifics, we will share them with you.  In the meantime, if you have questions about this new boiler or any Parker Boiler for that matter, please contact Gulf Steam at 855-497-4913.