Parker Boiler Premier Condensing Water Heater

A Condensing Hot Water Boiler is an incredibly efficient boiler, as compared to the more traditional boiler, because it pulls energy from the flue and uses it to pre-heat the return water flowing into the boiler.  How does it do this?  In a condensing boiler, the water that is condensed inside the boiler stays in the boiler so that energy is utilized.  In a conventional boiler, that condensed water escapes as vapor, and therefore, that energy goes up the flue.

Your conventional boiler may be working just fine, but you could be spending a fortune on utilities.  By replacing it with a condensing boiler, you cold recoup your investment in no time.  In fact, the National Test Lab witnessed efficiencies on this series to 98%.

Not only is this boiler efficient, it also has some super cool features like:

  • An extra-large amount of heating surface.  In fact, all units have over 4.1 square feet per BHP, which is much higher than other brands.  A larger heating surface also means there is less stress on the metal and heat flux.  That translates to a longer service life.
  • A reputation for being incredibly efficient.  The sealed combustion chamber means low excess air levels and less heat loss.  In fact, this boiler qualified for utility incentive funding.  
  • Being unbelievably easy to clean.  The Parker front door swings to allow access to fireside tube surfaces.  Keeping these things clean is important in ensuring a long life for a condensing boiler.
  • Multiple temperature return connections, which increased the overall boiler efficiency by allowing cool water to chill flue gasses.  

I could go on, but I think you get the idea of how much I really like this piece of equipment.  If you are interested in upgrading both to improve efficiencies and make your life easier, contact Gulf Steam to learn more about Parker Boiler’s Condensing Hot Water Boiler.