Why Purchase Parker Boiler for your Florida Craft Brewery

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Lots of thought and research go into starting a craft brewery – name, logo, website, location, and brewing equipment – which is understandable given that you’re creating liquid gold.  I’ve met a number of brewers over the years, and with many of them it feels like talking to a chemist as they share their process for determining what makes a delicious brew.  But when I ask them about the boiler they use to generate the steam to make sure exact parameters are met, they usually respond with ‘it’s the one the kettle maker said everyone uses’ or ‘it was the cheapest’.  But given the amount research and time that’s put into setting up a new craft brewery and finding the right blend, wouldn’t it make sense that the steam system that makes it operate properly and dictates its production capability deserves more consideration, thought, and due diligence?  After all, not all boilers are created equal.

Gulf Steam sells only Parker Boiler, and there is a very good reason why.  We conducted an unbelievably large amount of due diligence by using real world life experience with other brands and found that when it comes to longevity, reliability, and reparability, there is no boiler that matches Parker Boiler when it comes to cost of ownership.  And cost of ownership far out ways the consideration of the initial purchase price.

Parker Boiler’s longevity is legendary; I know from personal experience.  My wife has a 1984 15 H.P. Parker Boiler in her business with original water tubes and steam drum.  She adheres to a chemical injection program and prescribed blow down, and that’s it.   Here’s another example - I had a customer call me this week inquiring about replacement water tubes for his 1965 15 H.P. Parker Boiler.  Part of the beauty of Parker Boiler is its replicable tube sections and steam drum which the owner replaces by virtue of pipe unions, absolutely no welding or R-Stamp required. I recommended to the customer that he order a complete factory insert with tubes, drum, and all piping complete and install it in his cabinet for 30% of the cost of a new replacement.  Now his Parker is good for another 52 years of steam production.

Typically, the boilers I see in breweries are ridged water tube and fire tube boilers; Parker Boilers use a flex water tube.  In fact, some of the most popular low pressure boilers I see in breweries are heating boilers for buildings, which are not even designed for process steam.  Water tube boilers come up to pressure faster than fire tube boilers, and Parker’s flex tube design is thermal shock proof and has never been known to have an internal explosion.  What that means is you can blow the boiler to zero and fill with cold water, no problem; by the way, this is absolutely forbidden with a ridged water tube or a fire tube boiler, otherwise dramatic damage and possible bodily injury will occur.

But the best reason to choose a Parker Boiler is that the distributor that sells Parker products knows Parker Boilers forward and backward, will be there to help with any service, parts, inspections, and steam system issues that may arise during design, start-up, day-to-day operations or as you expand.  We don’t just ship you a boiler, thank you for your business, and leave you with a support number or to figure it out on your own.  We will be there for startup and commissioning as well as go over the how’s and why’s to assure you will get the best performance out of your Parker Boiler process steam system.

So let me leave you with this question -- Why would you take such a chance when it comes to the important pursuit of brewing liquid gold?

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