Low NOx Equipment

The Parker Premix Metal Fiber Burner low NOx system. Our solution to pollution. For steam, hot water or thermal fluid heaters. Our Low NOx Premix Burner System Technology provides many advantages, including low NOx and CO emissions, uniform heat distribution over the entire heating surface, and improved efficiencies.

Parker Low NOx Equipment

The boiler incorporates a burner bed of Heavy Duty Metal Fiber Burners (MFB). Through a gas/air premix manifold, the burners may be linked to a fully modulating blower mixer which offers precise control of combustion through the full range of modulation.

Parker Premix Combustion System showing Gas and Air mixing

The Low NOx Burner System is available on new boilers or for retrofit of Parker or other type boilers on a limited basis. Parker Boiler’s system has been field proven on Parker and other types of boilers as a viable, extremely durable, low NOx, efficient alternative.

  • 12 and 20PPM NOx @ 3% O2 and CO levels below 100 PPM
  • PPM Available in Sealed Combustion Units


25L Parker Low NOx Boiler